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Simple Publishing Example Step 1: Setup

Before you add hyperlinks to your TaskMaps you must ensure that the targets of your hyperlinks, i.e., Word documents, PDFs, spreadsheets and other files, will be accessible to your intended audience. Usually this involves copying or moving your target documents to one or more specific locations on a shared drive, network server or web server.

For this example we have moved a target Word document into the same folder that contains the Visio drawing. The diagram below shows the TaskMap (Hyperlink example.vsd) and the Word document (Sample 4.doc) in the same folder on the X: drive of a network server.



Continue with Simple Publishing Example Step 2: Link.

Hint: When you are dealing with a larger set of target documents and files, or the directory structure on your servers is more complex, careful advance planning is required. For more complex examples refer to Choosing a Link Type and Advanced Hyperlinking Examples.

Harvard Computing Group offers a one-hour, web-based seminar on advanced hyperlinking and web publishing. For details, go to www.taskmap.com and click on the Training tab.