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Simple Publishing Example Step 2: Link

Now that the target Word document is in the desired location, you can create a hyperlink to it from your TaskMap. For details on adding hyperlinks to documents refer to Hyperlinking to Documents. For the sake of this example, we will add a hyperlink to a Guideline on Task B01.

The hyperlink dialog will look like the one shown below for the link to Sample 4.doc.


When you create the hyperlink, you will notice that the link type defaults to Relative – there is more information about relative hyperlinks in Simple Publishing Example Step 4: Publish.

After clicking Apply and Close, the linked Guideline looks like this:


Continue with Simple Publishing Example Step 3: Save.

Hint: When you are dealing with a larger set of target documents and files, or the directory structure on your servers is more complex, careful advance planning is required. For more complex examples refer to Choosing a Link Type and Advanced Hyperlinking Examples.