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Simple Publishing Example Step 3: Save

Visio provides a feature to save a TaskMap as a set of web pages. To use this feature:

  1. On the Visio File menu select Save as Web Page.
  2. Accept the default filename or provide one in the Save As dialog.
  3. Optional: To change the text that will appear in the browser title bar, click the Change Title button, enter the desired text, then click OK.
  4. Click Save.

Files Created by Save as Web Page

When you use the Save as Web Page function in Visio, the program creates a web page index file and a subdirectory containing several dozen html, graphic and javascript files. Unless you changed the name of the file as you saved it, the index file has the same name as the TaskMap drawing file but has a file extension of .htm instead of .vsd. The subdirectory has the same name as the index file with _files appended to the name. Both were saved in the default location, i.e., the same directory that contains Hyperlink example.vsd.

The figure below shows the TaskMap drawing and the web page output for our Save as Web Page example:



Continue with Simple Publishing Example Step 4: Publish.


Visio 2002 vs. Later Versions of Visio

There are differences between the web pages produced by Visio 2002 and those produced by Visio 2003 and later. For details refer to Visio 2002 Web Pages vs Visio 2003/2007 Web Pages.