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Simple Publishing Example Step 4: Publish

Publishing consists of making the web files you created with Save as Web Page available to your target audience. To do this you either 1) publish the address of the web index file you created in Simple Publishing Example Step 3: Save, or 2) move the web page files to another location and publish that address.

If you do the latter, both the and the web subdirectory must be located in the same folder. You can move them to a file server or to a web server, or even email them to someone, but they must be kept together.

In addition, there is another very significant consideration when your web-published TaskMaps contain hyperlinks.

If you are using Visio 2002 or Visio 2003, relative hyperlinks such as the ones used in this example, will not work from the saved web page until you do one more thing, as described below.

Move or copy the hyperlink target documents into the web subfolder

(NOTE: the actions described below are not necessary if you are using Visio 2007)

Because of a significant difference in the way hyperlinks are interpreted by Visio compared to the way they are interpreted by your web browser, you must first move or copy the target document into the web page subfolder. (If you are interested in a detailed explanation of why it is necessary to move the target document, begin by reading What is the Hyperlink Base? and continue with Creating Relative Hyperlinks and Using Relative Hyperlinks.) However, to make this Simple Publishing Example work, you merely need to move or copy Sample 4.doc into Hyperlink examples_files.

The diagram on the left below shows the Windows directory structure following the Save as Web Page operation. In the diagram on the right, Sample 4.doc has been moved into Hyperlink examples_files so that the embedded hyperlink will function properly from the web page.


IMPORTANT NOTE: After moving the Word document into Hyperlink examples_files, as show above, the hyperlinks will function from the web-published TaskMap but will no longer work from within Hyperlink examples.vsd. But if you copy the Word document so it is in both the original location as well as in Hyperlink examples_files, the links will function from both versions of the TaskMap.

Hint: To repeat an important point: If you want to move the web page version of the TaskMap to another location or email it to someone, you must move both the web page index file and the web subdirectory.

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