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Sub-process Task ID

The Sub-process Task ID indicates that a Task has been broken down into more detail on another TaskMap drawing page. The Sub-process Task ID appears below the right corner of the Task box. The first portion of the Sub-process Task ID refers to the page containing the additional detail; the numeric portion identifies the first, or primary, task on that page.

Sub-process pages are an ideal way of adding more detail to an individual Task without making the current drawing too big or complex. For example, Task A03 might define the high-level safety check required during a manufacturing process. The use of Sub-process Task ID AA01 under Task A03 (see illustration below) indicates that there is another level of detail on page AA beginning with Task AA01.

Adding Hyperlinks to a Sub-process Task ID

Sub-process Task IDs are even more useful and powerful when you add hyperlinks to the target pages, in effect providing an automatic "drill down" path to the target page.

To add a hyperlink, select the Sub-process Task ID, then right-click and select Add/Edit Hyperlink. Use the TaskMap hyperlink dialog to add a TaskMap-type link directly to the target page and Task. When you do this, there is a dynamic connection between the Sub-process Task ID and the target Task. Both the underlying hyperlink and the text label of the Sub-process Task ID are dynamically updated if the target Task should ever be renumbered.

See Complex Processes for more information.

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