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Summary / Advanced Hyperlinking Information

Creating hyperlinks that can be followed both from a TaskMap in Visio and from TaskMaps saved as web pages is possible but requires careful planning for the use of the Windows directory hierarchy. The techniques described in the Simple Publishing Example you’ve just walked through are fine when you have only a few target documents and can control where they will be located.

When your requirements are more complex or when you have less control over the directory structure in which your documents are stored, you need to learn the more advanced aspects of hyperlinking. In particular, it is essential to understand how relative and absolute hyperlinks work. It is also essential that you know even more about the critical differences between the way that hyperlinks operate when followed from a TaskMap in Visio versus the way they operate when followed from TaskMaps published as web pages. A good place to start is Choosing a Link Type, then continue with topics like the following:

Additional Information

Microsoft provides some information about saving Visio drawings as web pages; refer to the following topics in the Visio Help Text (select Help/Microsoft Visio Help from the Visio main menu):

For Visio 2002

Open the Hyperlinks and Web Pages chapter, then open the Web Pages subchapter.

For Visio 2003

Click on Table of Contents, open the Visio and the Web chapter, then open the subchapter titled Publishing to the Web.

For Visio 2007

Select Creating Diagrams the select Hyperlinks from the subcategories list.

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