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The Task shape is the central shape on a TaskMap and is used to document each step in a process. The basic Task shape is a rectangle as shown at left and displays the Task Description and Task ID by default.

Task shapes include both required and optional data fields that provide pertinent information about the Task. You enter or update Task details by selecting a Task and using the right mouse button to display menu options for the Task. The first menu option Define Task Details... opens the Shape Data dialog (called the Custom Properties dialog in Visio 2003) from which Task data can be added, updated or removed.

Required Task Data:

Optional Task Data:

Optional Task Data (TaskMap Professional ONLY):

The TaskMap legend in the lower right-hand corner of each drawing page provides a capsule summary of the key Task components.

See also Adding Tasks to the Page.

Controlling Task Data Display

Display of the various data fields can be controlled with the Task Display On/Off and Task Display Options buttons on the TaskMap Toolbar.

TaskMap Professional data fields are not displayed by TaskMap itself but are displayed using Visio 2010 and 2007 Professional Data Graphics.

Data Visualization

Adding Hyperlinks

Visio and TaskMap allow you to attach a hyperlink to nearly every Task data element and even to the Task rectangle itself. You can hyperlink to almost any electronic object that is located on your computer, on your organization's intranet or on the Internet. For example, you can link to web pages, spreadsheets, documents, PDF files, email addresses, executable programs and even to other pages within your TaskMap drawing file.

To add a hyperlink to a Task, select the Task, then use the right-click menu and select Add/Edit Hyperlink as shown in the figure below.

Hyperlinking can turn an ordinary process map into an extremely valuable resource – such as a dashboard or navigation tool that connects people to a wealth of supporting materials, all within the context of a work process.

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