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What is TaskMap®?

TaskMap® is a software solution that dramatically simplifies the development and delivery of process maps, also known as TaskMaps. In order to unravel the complex world surrounding processes, Harvard Computing Group, the inventors of TaskMap®, wanted to create a solution that was simple, affordable and powerful. The goal for the software is to help you produce process maps easily, quickly and with a consistent level of quality and integrity. At least as important, the TaskMaps that you create can be used by anyone – there is no training required to be able to read and use a TaskMap.

TaskMap® was designed to allow anyone to document processes, whether you are designing new engineering products, documenting HR procedures, or ensuring your organization’s compliance with new governance rules. TaskMap meets the growing demand in many organizations to document and improve processes.

Because TaskMap is a simple yet powerful tool, process maps can be built with as much or as little detail as is necessary. There is no longer a need to hire consultants to document processes that are already in place. Instead, the utility allows your own staff to use a common interface and language to document and share processes, procedures and knowledge across the organization.

TaskMap is an add-in to Microsoft Visio and is offered in Two editions:

  • TaskMap Standard runs with either the Standard or Professional editions of Visio 2010 (32-bit), Visio 2007, or Visio 2003.

  • TaskMap Professional runs with Visio 2010 (32-bit) Professional or Premium, and with Visio 2007 Professional. Throughout this help text, features that apply only to TaskMap Professional are clearly labeled