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The Drawing Page

The Visio drawing page is the white working area surrounded by a light blue or gray background. By default, the drawing page displays grid lines that help you to align shapes on the page. You can turn the grid on or off by selecting View/Grid from the main Visio 2003/2007 menu or by unchecking Grid on the View tab of the Visio 2010 ribbon.

View Grid

You create any type of drawing, including a TaskMap, by dragging objects from a stencil onto the drawing page. You can also store objects temporarily on the blue space surrounding the drawing page.

When you create a new drawing by using one of the standard TaskMap templates, TaskMap automatically sets the drawing page size and orientation based on the template you selected. For instructions on changing page characteristics, refer to Adjusting Drawing Page and Printer Page Size.

For information about the characteristics of the four, standard TaskMap templates, refer to The TaskMap Template.

We recommend that you use the standard page sizes wherever possible, in part because this automatically helps to limit the number of tasks per page, which makes TaskMaps more readily understandable. For additional drawing guidelines, see Creating a TaskMap.

Each TaskMap drawing page also includes the TaskMap logo and a Task shape legend. The legend may be deleted from any page, if desired. The TaskMap logo can be removed in TaskMap 4 Pro only, but it can be repositioned in all versions of the product.

The figure below shows the drawing page and TaskMap stencil created with one of the standard TaskMap templates:

Drawing Page