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The TaskMap Toolbar and Menu

TaskMap Menu

The TaskMap Menu was introduced in TaskMap version 3 (refer to About TaskMap to determine which version of TaskMap in installed on your PC). The TaskMap Menu appears on the main Visio menu whenever the active Visio window is displaying a TaskMap.

The TaskMap Menu contains two entries:

TaskMap Toolbar

Whenever you open an existing TaskMap or create a new one from the TaskMap template, the TaskMap Toolbar appears inside Visio. As with any Visio toolbar, you can relocate the TaskMap Toolbar anywhere you'd like by dragging the handle at the left end of the toolbar. Visio will remember the location you select so that the next time you open a TaskMap, the Toolbar will appear where you last left it.

The TaskMap toolbar consists of the buttons shown below. Click on the description of any button for additional details about its function.

Task Link Display Options
Task Link Display Options
Task Display On/Off
Task Display On/Off
Renumber Tasks
Customize Role Names
TaskMap Options
TaskMap Reports
Ask TaskMap Expert
TaskMap Help
About TaskMap