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Using Hyperlinks

Hyperlinks allow you to connect TaskMap shapes to additional sources of information without adding clutter to the drawing. Indeed, hyperlinks dramatically improve the usability of your TaskMaps – with the addition of hyperlinks, a TaskMap is no longer just a picture of a process but it becomes a navigation tool or process dashboard.

When you include hyperlinks in your TaskMap, process participants will not only see how the process works, they will also find that everything they need to complete their work is just a click away.

Regardless of the purpose for which you are creating TaskMaps, you can enhance their value by linking them to any of the following electronic objects:

  • web pages
  • Microsoft Office, PDF and other document in a repository
  • IT systems and executable programs
  • databases
  • email addresses
  • pages and Tasks in the current TaskMap
  • pages and Tasks in another TaskMap

TaskMap Hyperlink Support

TaskMap provides the capability to add a hyperlink to almost any object on a drawing. You are most likely to add links to:

Note that Connectors and Sub-process Task IDs can only be linked to other TaskMap drawing pages.

Creating Hyperlinks

To create a hyperlink for any of these elements:

  • Select the element (refer to Selecting Tasks or Task Elements for helpful information about selecting Tasks and parts of the Task shape)
  • Right click with your mouse
  • Select Add/Edit Hyperlink for all shapes except the Connector;
    for the Connector, select Define Connector Link

Refer to Overview of The TaskMap Hyperlink Dialog for general information, the refer to the following topics for specific instructions for the various hyperlink types:

Maintaining Hyperlink Integrity

If you intend to publish your TaskMaps as web pages, it is essential that you understand the critical difference between the way that hyperlinks operate when followed from within Visio versus the way they operate when followed from TaskMaps published as web pages. Further, it is essential to understand these differences before you add the hyperlinks to your TaskMap.

During your planning you may also need to consult with your IT department or web developer to ensure that the files you publish are in appropriate locations for your intended audience to access them. In addition, you should ensure that the server or web site to which you post TaskMaps provides the level and type of security that you require.

For basic information and a simple web publishing example, refer to

  • Sharing Web Pages

For more advanced information and examples, refer