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Using Visio Background Pages

Visio drawings, including TaskMaps, can use two different types of pages:

  • Most pages are foreground pages; you use these pages to create drawings. Pages in all standard TaskMap templates are foreground pages.
  • Background pages can contain text, graphics or other shapes and can be attached to foreground pages. When attached to a foreground page, all elements on the background page also appear on the foreground page in display-only mode, that is, they can not be edited or moved.

Background pages are used primarily to enforce design standards or to ensure that certain elements appear on every page in a drawing.

When you have added background pages to a TaskMap, you may want to save the TaskMap as a template so your background pages will be included in maps you make in the future.

Tips for Using Background Pages

Tip #1: Be sure to designate that a new page is a background page at the moment you create it. If you do, it will be completely blank. If you don't, and later change a foreground page to a background page, it will retain the TaskMap design elements (page title, logo, legend) and you'll end up with duplicates of these items on pages you insert into future drawings.

To ensure that a page is created as a background page:

  • Right-click any existing page and select Insert Page…


Select Insert/New Page… from the Visio main menu

  • Click on the radio button labeled Background
  • Accept the default page name or give the page a name
  • Click OK to close the Page Setup dialog

Tip #2: Apply the background page to all foreground pages in your TaskMap before saving it as a template. Then when you insert a new page into a document created from your template, it will inherit the page characteristics, including the link to the background page.

Tip #3: When you want to add pages to a document based on your template, either

  • Select Insert/New Page… from the Visio main menu
  • Right-click on the name tab of a foreground page and select "Insert Page..." (

DO NOT right-click on a background page tab to add a new page.

Tip #4: TaskMap does not run on a background page. Consequently, if you add any TaskMap shapes to a background page they will not behave in the usual way, for example, you will receive license violation messages for Task and Task Link shapes, and will not see the usual right-click menus to define shape properties.

Additional Information

For additional information about Visio background pages, select Help/Microsoft Visio Help from the Visio main menu. Then use either of the following methods:

  • Type background page into the answer wizard or search box.
  • Select Help/Microsoft Office Visio Help from the main Visio menu

For Visio 2002:

Open the Background and Foreground Pages subchapter in the chapter called Work in the Visio Drawing Environment.

For Visio 2003:

Open the chapter called Working with Drawings, then open subchapter Working with Pages, then open Background Pages.

For Visio 2007:

Select Setting up pages then select Backgrounds from the subcategories list.