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What are Absolute Hyperlinks?

An absolute hyperlink contains all of the information that Visio needs in order to locate the target of the hyperlink and the link is assumed to be permanent. If you move the target object and need to update an absolute hyperlink, you must manually edit it using the TaskMap hyperlink dialog. In addition, setting or modifying the hyperlink base never affects an absolute hyperlink.

Absolute hyperlinks are generally used to link to files that will not be moved. If you think the targets of your hyperlinks will be moved, e.g., to another server, you should carefully read Choosing a Link Type before deciding to use absolute links.

Creating Absolute Hyperlinks

To create an absolute hyperlink, open the Hyperlink dialog and click the radio button next to Absolute, as shown here:

Path to Document: Absolute

For suggestions about when to use absolute hyperlinks refer to Choosing a Link Type.

Hint: The choice of Relative or Absolute path is not available until you have saved your TaskMap for the first time.

Maintaining Hyperlink Integrity

If you plan to save your TaskMaps as web pages, you must ensure that your hyperlinks will function both from within Visio and from within the published web pages. Fortunately, link integrity is usually less of a problem for absolute hyperlinks because each link contains all information required to locate the target object.

For absolute hyperlinks, you should ensure that the target object is in its final home before creating hyperlinks to it.

See also What are Relative Hyperlinks?.