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What are Visio Data Graphics?

NOTE: This topic applies only to users of TaskMap Professional.

Microsoft describes Data Graphics this way:

A data graphic is a set of enhancements that you can apply to shapes to show data that the shapes contain. A data graphic presents your data as a combination of textual and visual elements, such as flags and progress bars.

Think of Visio Data Graphics as a means to annotate your process maps beyond the methods that are built into TaskMap. TaskMap Professional includes five fields designed specifically for use with Data Graphics but other TaskMap fields can be displayed this way as well.

You create and edit Data Graphics in the Data Graphics pane, which you open in either of the ways described below. Note that these instructions refer to Visio menus and toolbars not the TaskMap toolbar.

  • Select Data/Display Data on Shapes… from the main Visio menu or
  • Turn on display of Visio’s Data toolbar, then click the right-most button (popup text says Display Data on Shapes).

Creating and Editing Data Graphics

For information about creating, editing and using Data Graphics, use any of the following techniques:

  • Type data graphics into Visio’s help search box, located in the upper right of the Visio window:


  • Select Help/Microsoft Office Visio Help from Visio’s main menu and click on Using data
  • Open the Data Graphics pane within Visio (see instructions above) and click More about data graphics at the bottom of the pane.

The Data Graphics Window

The Data Graphics window is shown below with a sample of available TaskMap Data Graphics.


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