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Working with TaskMap Time Fields

Two TaskMap shapes, the Task and the Task Link, include time fields. You can enter times in any of the following time units:

  • Seconds
  • Minutes
  • Hours
  • Days
  • Weeks

Once you have entered a time value, if you change the time units, the time value will be converted automatically. For example, the Task on the left below shows a Task Completion Time of 6 hours (6h). Merely changing the Time Units to minutes produces the middle example; changing Time Units to Days yields the Task shown on the right.




To change Time Units for individual Tasks, refer to Task Completion Time.

To change Time Units for individual Task Links, refer to Time Between Tasks.

Changing Time Units and Abbreviations

The default time unit for new TaskMaps is minutes. Consequently, when you drop new Task or Task Link shapes onto a drawing page, the Time Units field will be set to minutes.

You can change the default time units for a TaskMap by clicking the TaskMap Options button on the TaskMap toolbar. This button also allows you to change the abbreviations used for the five time units.

If you would like to change default time units or time abbreviations for TaskMaps that you create in the future, you can make the desired changes and save the TaskMap as a template, often along with changes you’ve made to customize the role list or by adding background pages containing style elements.