About TaskMap

TaskMap® was invented by Harvard Computing Group (HCG), a software and consulting firm that assists clients with understanding and implementing business process solutions. The team at HCG provides a unique mix of technical skills, marketing savvy, and senior management experience, all of which contributed to the design of TaskMap. 

TaskMap allows anyone to document existing processes and then use the process maps to identify areas for improvement. TaskMap can also be used to design future-state processes because it supports collaboration and facilitates the design of what’s needed to work more effectively in the future. In both cases, the simple layout and intuitive design of TaskMap accelerate knowledge transfer and enable organizations to leverage internal expertise. 

Harvard Computing Group supports TaskMap customers with training and consulting services.


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Management Team

Mike Cunningham

Michael J. Cunningham


Industry veteran creator and manager of enterprise software products at Intergraph Corp, Open, Text and LaserData. Founder of HCG, and sought after speaker and author.

Scott Helmers

Scott A. Helmers

VP Product Planning and Support

Scott is a business process consultant, app designer, and trainer, and leads the product planning, development, and support teams for TaskMap. While helping to design and create TaskMap, he acquired extensive knowledge about Microsoft Visio, which he began sharing in print, online, and in person. Microsoft has named him a Most Valuable Professional for Visio every year since 2008, one of only six people in the world to hold that distinction. He’s been the best-selling author of books about Visio for more than a decade, and shares his Visio, data visualization, and business process knowledge multiple times per year at conferences around the world.