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How to Rebuild an Engine

Crankshaft Inspection

  1. Perform a visual inspection of the crankshaft
    • Check for cracks and signs of overheating

  2. Measure Crankshaft
    • Measure journal diameter
    • Measure for out of round
    • Measure taper
    • Measure run out
    • Tools needed: Dial gauge
    • Tools needed: Dial bore gauge

  3. Mark crankshaft for identification

  4. Measure after grinding
    • These measurements are needed for correcting bearin torlerances
    • Use a rifle brush through oil passages to clean out debris after grinding
    • Tools needed: Rifle brush
    • Tools needed: Dial bore gauge
    • Tools needed: Dial gauge

  5. Change pilot bearing

    If no engine balanceing is required go to engine block inspection Task A09

  6. If engine balancing is require; supply the machine block with required parts

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