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How to Rebuild an Engine

Engine Block Assembly

  1. Clean block
    • Use soapy water, then air dry

  2. Check all dimensions
    • Machine shops do make mistakes, double check their work
    • Check ring end gaps
    • Check oild clearances

  3. Wash block again
    • Use hot soapy water, then blow dry
    • Tools needed: Scrub brush

  4. Blow out all bolt holes
    • Prior to installing fasteners

  5. Install oil gallery plugs and core plugs
    • Use hardening sealer, never silicone
    • Tools needed: Hardening sealer

  6. Install camshaft
    • Use high pressure grease

  7. Install main bearings
    • Position sensitive
    • Clean and dry main bearing bores and backs of bearings
    • Install rear main seal
    • Lubricate all main bearings and lip on rear main seal

  8. Install crankshaft and main caps
    • Caps sensitive to position and direction
    • Torque from center out in 3 stages
    • Rotate crank to ensure it is not binding
    • Check end play
    • Tools needed: Dial indicator
    • Tools needed: Pry bar

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