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How to Rebuild an Engine

Engine Block Assembly - Part 2

  1. Inall timing chain
    • Check OEM specifications
    • Align timing marks

  2. Degree cam

  3. Install piston and rod assemblies
    • Stagger ring end gabs to reduce blowby
    • Be sure oil expander is butted
    • Check OEM specifications
    • Install and torque rod caps as you go
    • Rotate crank after installing each piston
    • Tools needed: Piston ring compressor
    • Tools needed: Rod protectors

  4. Install head gasket
    • May be directional

  5. Install heads
    • Pay attention to length and location
    • Tube threads with OEM lubricant or sealer
    • Torque in 3 stages using OEM pattern

  6. Install valve train
    • Lubricate parts as necessary
    • Adjust valves as necessary (mini up/down movement then turn 3/4 turn)

  7. Install the rest of pans, covers, pulleys, ect...

  8. Paint as required

  9. Double check everything

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