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How to Rebuild an Engine

Engine Block Inspection

  1. Perform a visual inspection of the engine block
    • Check for seeping core plugs
    • Check for a leaking water pump
    • Check for cracked rubber on the Harmonic balancer
    • Check for signs of overheating
    • Check for excessive gasket sealer from previous work

  2. If no defects are found check id and casting numbers

  3. Inspect engine components
    • Check the distributor for wobble and looseness
    • Check the alternator - Check the alternator drive belt condition and pulley noise

  4. If all engine components are within OEM specification; remove cylinder ridge
    • Ridge is the point where the piston rings meet the bore

  5. Remove the oil pan

  6. Remove the valve heads

  7. Remove the piston and rod assemblies
    • Use piston rod proctors to prevent damaging cylinder wa;;s
    • Put the caps back on the rods once removed
    • Tools needed: Rod journal protectors

  8. Remove and inspect the crankshaft (Sub-process: Crankshaft Inspection)
    • Store correctly
    • Keep old bearings in order. Check the old bearings for wear/excess dirt
    • Put the main caps back on the block and torque to specification

  9. Remove camshaft, balancer shafts, and auxiliary drives
    • Pay attention to the end play shims and spacers
    • Remove bearings; pay attention to position

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