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PRINCE2: 2009

Roles and Responsibilities

Within the PRINCE2 methodology the roles are broken up into responsibilities rather than individual Tasks. This means that depending on the implementation you might assign roles to different Tasks that deviate from the TaskMap template. In the process of building this map we tried to associate roles to corresponding Tasks that meet their responsibilities.
The following is a list of roles typically assigned in during PRINCE2:

  • Project Board: The project board is typically comprised of 6 to 8 people representing 3 interest groups; the Business interest, the User interest, and the Supplier interest. The Project Board is responsible for providing overall direction for the project, project assurance, and deciding whether to set up a change authority to handle change requests. The project board is also responsible for the overall success of the project and is the line of communication between project management and the external stakeholders (Corporate Management)
  • Project Manager: The Project Manager is accountable for the day-to-day management of the project. The PM makes project plans and organizes and controls how the various parts of the project are completed. This includes assigning the individual roles to members of the project management team.
  • Team Manager: The team manager the lead member of the Project Management Team. The Team Manager is responsible for the daily management of the team and gives the Project Manager regular Checkpoint reports.
  • The Project Management Team: The Project Management Team completes most the work from start to finish. They are responsible for the final delivery of the project products.
  • Executive: The executive is the person or represents the people that are paying for the project. The executive is responsible for the business case and ensures that the project goals and benefits meet the cost expectations.
  • Corporate Management: Corporate Management works outside of the Project Management Team and is responsible for naming the Executive, scoping the Project Mandate, and defining project level tolerances.

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