The fastest way to create information-rich process maps – for free!

TaskMap Lite is the simplest way to jumpstart your process mapping project. It’s free, easy-to-use, and creates unique visual process maps that contain more valuable information than any flowchart or swimlane diagram.

Anyone can create more effective process maps with TaskMap Lite

Flowcharts and swimlane diagrams definitely serve a purpose but even the best flowcharts are missing vital information:

  • Who is responsible for completing this Task?
  • If I’m responsible for doing this Task, who do I turn to if I need help? 
  • Where is the documentation for this Task? 
  • Where are the tools, supplies, or materials I need when working on this Task?
  • How often does this Task occur?

TaskMap Lite uses Visio’s data features to allow you to answer these questions. You simply fill in the form for each Task and the end result is an easy-to-read process map that displays vital information at each step in the process.

TaskMap Lite makes it easy to change how much Task data is visible – very handy when you want to customize the map view depending on your audience. Remove details to create a streamlined view for senior managers? Two clicks. Some details but not others for middle managers? Two clicks. Show all details for people doing the work in a process? Once again, two clicks.

LITE Multiple Tasks
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TaskMap Lite

The free Visio template for creating information-rich process maps

Visio includes more than a dozen templates for creating process maps, however, none of them does more than visualize the flow of work. In contrast, TaskMap Lite retains the flowchart-style look for defining workflows but also displays critical data about each step in a process.

The following information can be displayed on each Task:

  • Task number

  • Task Description

  • Responsible Role

  • Two Supporting Roles

  • Two documents or guidelines

  • Two resources (tools, supplies, materials)

System requirements:

  • Visio Plan 2, Visio 2021, 2019, or 2016
  • Windows 10 or later


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