Product Demos

The short videos — one to two minutes each — on this page will introduce you to key TaskMap features. The videos in the first section apply to TaskMap Lite; those in the second section apply to both TaskMap Standard and TaskMap Professional; the third collection applies to features that are only available in TaskMap Professional.

For complete details about all TaskMap features, please refer to the TaskMap Self-Paced Tutorials page.


TaskMap Lite

Mapping a process with TaskMap Lite
TaskMap Lite vs. a flowchart
Customizing TaskMap Lite views

TaskMap Standard & Professional

TaskMap Overview
The Task at the heart of every TaskMap
Leveraging the contents of your TaskMap
Customizing TaskMap for your audience
Representing decisions in a TaskMap
Adding value with Hyperlinks

TaskMap Professional Only

Adding user-defined fields to a TaskMap
Visualizing data in a TaskMap
Creating TaskMaps automatically from data
Saving TaskMap data to Excel
Generating a PowerPoint presentation from a TaskMap
Generating a Project plan from a TaskMap