Learn to improve processes


Having identified potential process improvements, learn best practices for designing and implementing future state processes across the organization.

Intended Audience

This seminar provides guidance for managers, leaders, current or future practitioners of Business Process Management (BPM), and others who need to apply BPM techniques in their organization.


After attending this seminar students will be able to:

  • Identify process improvement goals
  • Assess and manage process change risks
  • Conduct a process improvement workshop to gather ideas and gain consensus on next steps
  • Select a candidate process to pilot the rollout of the changes
  • Use lessons learned from the pilot to roll out additional process changes

Seminar Structure

This seminar is available in two formats. The online format is an instructor-led webinar. The on-site presentation includes hands-on exercises for potential certification.


Online: 90-minutes
On-site: three hours; contact us for on-site pricing


  • Segment 1: Introduction to Business Process Improvement (BPI).

  • Segment 2: BPI framework overview and project timeline examples.

  • Segment 3: Setting objectives, and defining inputs, outputs, and responsibilities.

  • Segment 4: Gathering business requirements and creating the business vision

  • Segment 5: Guidelines for running a BPI workshop.

  • Segment 6: Why is technology awareness during BPI?

  • Segment 7: Guidelines for setting and agreeing on BPI goals.

  • Segment 8: Identifying key performance indicators.

  • Segment 9: Capturing the future state process.

  • Segment 10: Developing business support materials.

  • Segment 11: Managing the BPI rollout framework.

  • Segment 12: Review and Q&A

Requirements & Certification


Completion of Process Analysis or equivalent experience

Tools required

Internet access


Online seminar participants will receive a certificate of completion. On-site students will be assessed throughout and will receive a Business Process Mapping certificate on completion of all four seminars: Fundamentals of Process Mapping, Process Capture, Process Analysis and Process Improvement.