Process Capture


To allow participants to set goals, define techniques, establish project guidelines, and complete a successful knowledge discovery and capture project. Attendees will be equipped to turn scattered pockets of institutional knowledge into usable process maps that are easy to read and understand.

Intended Audience

This seminar provides guidance for managers, leaders, current or future practitioners of Business Process Management (BPM), and others who need to apply BPM techniques in their organization.


After attending this seminar students will be able to:

  • Define the goals for a process mapping project
  • Define the needs of the audiences for their process maps
  • Describe the recommended steps for creating effective process maps
  • Utilize several techniques for capturing knowledge about a process
  • Create process maps that are easy to understand
  • Explain to managers and supervisors why process maps add value and how they are created most effectively

Seminar Structure

This seminar is available in two formats. The online format is an instructor-led webinar. The on-site presentation includes hands-on exercises for potential certification.


Online: 90-minutes
On-site: three hours; contact us for on-site pricing


  • Segment 1: Reasons to launch a process capture project

  • Segment 2: Incorporating business goals and objectives.

  • Segment 3: Sources of process knowledge.

  • Segment 4: Scoping your discovery project.

  • Segment 5: The impact of organizational culture.

  • Segment 6: Discovery methods and techniques: Capture tools, interview models, discovery methods and strategies.

  • Segment 7: Preparing a discovery agenda.

  • Segment 8: Tools and techniques.

  • Segment 9: Map layout techniques and guidelines.

  • Segment 10: Review and Q&A

Requirements & Certification


Completion of Fundamentals of Process Mapping or equivalent experience

Tools required

Internet access and drawing tools


Online seminar participants will receive a certificate of completion. On-site students will be assessed throughout and will receive a Business Process Mapping certificate on completion of all four seminars: Fundamentals of Process Mapping, Process Capture, Process Analysis and Process Improvement.