ITIL Incident Management & Resolution

01 Incident Management Dashboard

All organizations experience incidents that either impact or threaten to impact the normal running of the business. As businesses have become increasingly dependent upon their IT services, they must be able to react quickly and effectively to incidents that adversely affect IT services or infrastructure. Incident management begins with detecting incidents as quickly as possible, moves to identifying root causes, and then deploys the correct support resources in order to resolve incidents as quickly as possible. An effective incident management process also provides business leaders with accurate information about incident cause, resolution, and impact on the organization.

The Incident Management and Resolution SMF TaskMap template provides an effective way to visualize and understand the key stages and steps involved in providing effective incident resolution management.

Adapted from The Microsoft Operations Framework. The Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF) 4.0 is provided with permission from Microsoft Corporation.

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  • 01 Incident Management Dashboard
  • 02 A - Obtain Service Request Detail
  • 03 B - Classification
  • 04 C - Service Desk Resolution
  • 05 D - No Known Resolution
  • 06 E - Major Incident Determination
  • 07 F - Major Incident Procedure (part 1)
  • 08 G - Major Incident Procedure (part 2)
  • 09 H - Investigation
  • 10 I - Resolver Group Assignment
  • 11 J - Diagnosis
  • 12 K - Troubleshooting Complex Incidents
  • 13 L - Resolution and Recovery
  • 14 M - Closure