Customers with an active maintenance plan receive product upgrades at no cost. Please contact us for more information.

To upgrade from TaskMap Lite, please visit the product pages for TaskMap Professional or TaskMap Standard to make your purchase.

All upgrades include a complimentary one-year maintenance agreement.

TaskMap Standard Customers

Upgrade to TaskMap 5.5 Professional
Upgrade to TaskMap 5.5 Standard

TaskMap Professional Customers

Upgrade to TaskMap 5.5 Professional

New Features in Version 5.5

Compatible with 64-bit Visio

TaskMap v5.5 is now compatible with both the 64-bit and 32-bit versions of Microsoft Visio and Office.

Compatible with Microsoft 365

TaskMap v5.5 is fully compatible with the subscription versions of Microsoft Office, including Visio Plan 2 and Microsoft 365.

Yellow Task highlight disappears

In previous versions of TaskMap, Tasks sometimes retained a yellow highlight even after they were deselected. Version 5.5 correctly removes the yellow highlight when Tasks are de-selected.

Autolink Tasks across pages (Pro only)

In the past, the Autolink Tasks feature of TaskMap Capture for Excel (TaskMap Professional only) was limited to operating on a single page. In version 5.5 users can choose to autolink Tasks on one page or all pages.

Enhanced Save as Process folder (Pro only)

Users now have additional flexibility when using the Save as Process Folder feature (TaskMap Professional only). Version 5.5 allows users to cancel before completing the Save As operation.

Updated Installer

TaskMap 5.5 no longer stores TaskMap path variables as Windows environment variables. Path variables are now stored in the registry.