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All TaskMap Editions

Built-in guidance to help you create high-quality process maps immediately

Key data attributes for Tasks are predefined

Only six symbols in any TaskMap resulting in clear, easy-to-read maps

Predefined display of key process data

Share TaskMaps with anyone via a browser (Visio license not required)

Create custom TaskMap templates for your organization

Include supporting Roles in addition to Responsible Role

Include references and hyperlinks to documents and other reference material

Include references and hyperlinks to tools, supplies, forms, and systems

Use AutoConnect to add shapes to page with one click

Run built-in reports and display in a browser or in Excel

Create custom reports

Create hyperlinks to other pages and to specific Tasks on other pages

Set zoom level on page-to-page hyperlinks

Show/Hide Task details to accommodate map readers' needs

Show/Hide guidelines, resources, roles to accommodate map readers' needs

Split and heal Task Links automatically when adding/removing Tasks

Perform actions quickly using right-click context menu

Use labels to annotate Connectors and other shapes

Lay out new Tasks automatically

Create custom role name lists

Save a TaskMap as a website

Renumber Tasks automatically

Add custom frequency of occurrence values

Show/Hide Task Link details

Use Smart Tags to take actions on Tasks

Lay out new Tasks automatically based on data in Excel

Convert TaskMaps into Microsoft Project plans

Convert TaskMaps into PowerPoint presentations

Create user-defined fields for each Task

Visualize Task data using text callouts, progress indicators, ratings, and icons

Automatically color Tasks based on data values

Create custom data visualizations

Leverage risk management data attributes

Link TaskMaps to process data in Excel

Update TaskMap data from linked Excel workbooks

Autolink Excel data rows to individual Tasks

Create formatted Excel workbooks from existing TaskMaps

Create web page and Excel reports of all hyperlinks