What is Process Mapping?

A well-designed process map is much more than just a picture of the steps involved in completing work in an organization. While the picture is very valuable, a process map should also include essential information so a reader can answer questions like the following by glancing at a map:

  • Who is responsible for each task?
  • What documentation and resources are needed to complete each task?
  • What is the expected duration for each task?
  • How often does each task occur?
  • What data and Key Performance Indicators are associated with each task?
  • Where are the decision points in the process?
  • Are there subprocesses for any steps in the process?

Most process maps do not include these details but they should. Whether your organization’s processes change very slowly or seem to change on a daily basis, you need the skills and techniques to document them effectively.

Consistent, well-designed processes simplify operations for both staff as well as customers. High-quality process maps allow you to transfer knowledge to new employees more quickly, create predictable, repeatable outcomes, standardize best practices, and align processes with business goals.