Create truly effective process maps with TaskMap Standard

TaskMap Standard is a simple, affordable solution that enables anyone to create content-rich process maps. TaskMaps are more than just a flowchart because every Task includes role names, guidelines, resources, timing details, subprocess links, and more.

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Anyone can use TaskMap to document processes

TaskMap Standard is so easy to use that anyone can use it to document work processes.

Equip process owners with TaskMap and they can document their own processes. After all, who knows a process better than the people who do the work?

On the other hand, TaskMap is the perfect tool for business analysts, process analysts, IT systems analysts, and others who need to document processes on behalf of their stakeholders.

Either way, the resulting TaskMaps will be the most effective process documentation your organization has ever seen!

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TaskMap Standard data

TaskMap Standard

The solution for today’s processes

TaskMaps are clear, visually appealing, and easy to read, yet are filled with key process details that are missing from flowcharts, swimlane diagrams, BPMN diagrams, and many other types of process maps.

Built around Harvard Computing Group’s Simplified Process MappingSM method, anyone can use TaskMap’s smart shapes to build effective process documentation.

Use TaskMap when you need to:

  • Train new staff members

  • Establish consistency

  • Demonstrate compliance with regulations

  • Link maps to external documents

  • Ensure processes are repeatable

  • Provide easy-to-read process documentation

  • View process maps in any browser

  • Implement new procedures

System requirements:

  • Visio Plan 2, Visio 2021, 2019, or 2016
  • Windows 10 or later

TaskMap Standard Support

Every TaskMap purchase includes online and email support, please refer to our support page for more information.

In addition to basic support, an annual software maintenance agreement provides all software upgrades and updates at no additional cost. A maintenance plan also entitles you to unlimited telephone support.

Please note that TaskMap support provides assistance in resolving technical problems associated with the TaskMap software system. It does not include process map design and consulting services. For information about our consulting services, please refer to our consulting page.


TaskMap Professional is way ahead of the market. I’ve used a lot of software products and there is no other way that I can represent as much process information as concisely and effectively as I can with TaskMap Professional. It saves me time every day and my clients love the maps that I produce for them.

Peter Luedtke
Director Professional Services business process consulting firm

Diagrams are often used as weapons by analysts but TaskMap is intuitive to all types of users and can be used to promote healthy debate and therefore create a better outcome.

Quality Manager
Leading UK Travel Company

The TaskMap system possesses the traits our user community can most appreciate: it can be taught in a few hours, it's simple, the functionality supports web presentation and linking of related documents, and its help files are extensive.

Training Manager
Mid-sized Northeastern US Hospital

TaskMap is a unique tool that can be used by any healthcare organization to capture and communicate key processes.

Vice President, Business Development
Texas Medical Foundation

One advantage of TaskMap is that it's user-friendly, which results in consistent approaches to process capture across the organization. In addition, it can be used at all staff levels very successfully.

Vice President, Business Development
Texas Medical Foundation

TaskMap is a documentation tool that can be applied to business and administrative procedures as successfully as clinical processes.

Vice President, Business Development
Texas Medical Foundation

I've been interviewing and creating TaskMaps for about a month now and it's fantastic! It's so easy to use and I love that I can capture all the details but then hide whatever I want to when I'm showing maps to different audiences.

Senior Project Manager
Leading facility design and operations firm

I just presented several TaskMaps at a company meeting and it was simple to tailor the view on the screen to show exactly what the audience required. TaskMap is much better than Visio by itself!

Senior Project Manager
Leading facility design and operations firm

We recreated a group of flowcharts for our processes as TaskMaps, and then asked project team members and associated business managers which they preferred. The unanimous response was TaskMaps.

Director, IT Corporate Initiatives
Sanmina-SCI Corporation


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