ITIL Software Release Management

01 Release Dashboard

The Software Release Management service management function (SMF) is responsible for deploying changes into an information technology (IT) environment. Changes are developed, tested, and packaged into releases for deployment, at which time release management is responsible for introducing these changes and managing their release.

The goal of the release management process is to ensure that changes are deployed successfully into the production IT environment in the least disruptive manner. 

The Software Release Management SMF TaskMap template provides an effective way to visualize and understand the key stages and steps involved in providing effective software release management.

Adapted from The Microsoft Operations Framework. The Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF) 4.0 is provided with permission from Microsoft Corporation.

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  • 01 Release Dashboard
  • 02 A -- Release Planning
  • 03 A07- Release Planning Change
  • 04 B -- Release Building
  • 05 C -- Acceptance Testing
  • 06 D -- Release Preparation
  • 07 D07- Staff Training
  • 08 E (1 of 2) Release Deployment
  • 09 E (2 of 2) Release Deployment